GriswoldConnect: Virtual Care Frequently Asked Questions

What conditions will Virtual Care treat?

Common conditions include sinus and respiratory infection, allergies, UTIs, cold and flu, minor skin conditions, and many other non-emergencies.

Does Virtual Care handle emergency situations?

While Virtual Care physicians can escalate emergency situations, they do not treat emergencies. Patients and families should call 911 for medical emergencies.

Does Virtual Care prescribe medication?

Yes, Virtual Care prescribes but does not guarantee prescriptions. The individual doctor determines the best treatment. Teladoc™ doctors do not issue prescriptions for DEA controlled substances, non-therapeutic drugs which may be harmful for their potential for abuse.

How are prescriptions sent to the pharmacy?

Prescriptions are submitted electronically or via phone to whatever pharmacy the patient uses.

Are patient medical records reviewed?

The doctors review medical records and take a thorough medical history prior to consultation.

Does Teladoc require patients to have medical insurance?

No medical insurance is necessary to sign up for Virtual Care. Any costs for the physician consultation is included in the monthly fee.

What types of health care professionals are available?

Board certified, state licensed physicians are available.

What about electronic health privacy?

All health records are kept totally private, and robust encryption methods are employed to protect personal information. The patient controls who sees the information in their record.

Is medical information shared with the Primary Care Provider?

Medical records are shared by the Teladoc physician upon the patient’s request.

Can a doctor be selected by specialty, gender, or language?

Specialist profiles display information online including gender, language, and specialty and will display when specialist selection is made online.

Can a patient choose to talk to the same doctor each time an appointment is requested?

The first time someone requests a visit, Virtual Care will page the first available provider. On subsequent visits, there is an option to select the same provider or the first available.

How many times can I use Virtual Care in a month?

Virtual Care is unlimited every month that you are enrolled. This is an exclusive feature of Griswold’s Virtual Care, however, and another Teladoc services may vary in their user agreements.

Can other people use my service?

Yes, other people in your household, like a spouse, child, or parent, can use your Virtual Care service to get care from a licensed physician. This is an exclusive feature of Griswold’s Virtual Care, however, and another Teladoc services may vary in their user agreements.

Do I have to sign up for an extended period or pay for a year in advance?

No. Virtual Care is a monthly subscription that will bill you each month. A 30-day notice is needed to cancel.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel at any time by calling (844) 900-4363 or emailing Please include the primary user’s full name and email address with any cancellation request so we may identify the account.