Hear what others are saying about Virtual Care by Teladoc™

My son Max woke up from a nap at 4:30p Sunday. We immediately noticed slight crusty buildup around his eye and realized that all local pharmacies close at 5-6p, leaving no time to get to urgent care and have a prescription sent. We decided to call Virtual Care and spoke with a physician who agreed Max had pink eye. He wrote a prescription and sent it to one of the pharmacies and had it by 5:30. We never would have been able to get it through urgent care. Overall great experience.

Ryan M.

My experience with Virtual Care was flawless. I had pre-registered with my current medications and medical information, and registration was easy to complete. I had been dealing with a sinus issue for a few weeks. I opted for the phone call and I was contacted by a Physician within 10 minutes. The Physician had access to my medical history and was able to prescribe medication. I could not have been happier with the outcome.

Beverly G.

I am very impressed with every aspect of Teladoc. It only took me about 5 minutes to fill out the preliminary paperwork and my medical history. About a week later, I needed to get my heart medicine refilled and I was unable to see my primary care physician. Within less than one hour from start to finish, I called Teladoc, got a return call from a doctor, and was able to pick up my meds at my local pharmacy. The speed and ease of use of the Teladoc system make it very user friendly and I am a big fan.Christy T.